Jenni (piperchicki) wrote in ladypipers,


So, there I was, leading the band at an anniversary celebration for a local pub/brewery. We end the set, and start marching from the front of the bar, through the tables, and to the back of the bar, when one of the waiters, frantically trying to clear a table so standing patrons can be seated, steps right in our path, and starts to wipe down the table. Boldy we strive forward to the strirring strains of "Green Hills of Tyroll" hoping he'll move left or right so we can get though. We have the man surrounded... he glances up and freaks out a bit, and I note that he has earpieces in probably going to an i-pod in pocket. So, I guess it is possible to sneak up on someone while playing the bagpipes. (Cross posted to pipes_and_drums)
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