Isis (rasputinlives) wrote in ladypipers,

Piping School

I just returned from a week at the Ontario School of Piping and Drumming. Very informative! It was just excellent. In the course of a week I learned (by memory) a hornpipe, jig, 9/8 march and a piobaireachd. And off the paper another jig, a strathspey and a reel. My instructors were James MacHattie (P/M, Toronto Police I) and Jim MacGillvary (piobaireachd god). Every night there were two lectures on topics such as pipe maintenance and tuning. If any of you have the opportunity to attend such a school next year do not hesitate, it has done wonders for my piping already.

Adults: don't feel shy about going, it's not like summer camp. At 18, I was the oldest of the "young people", but there were at least 12 adults in their 30s-70s.
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