Skullarix (skullarix) wrote in ladypipers,

First tune

Hey guys I'm on my first tune! I'm so excited. It is the Bluebells of Scotland, does anyone know of a CD that has this song on it? I thought I had one, but none of my CD's have it... Or even a place I could download it would be great too!

Keep piping ladies!
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Congratulations! =)

If you have nothing against MIDI files as a guide, then I'd suggest doing a quick search on Google for one. Otherwise, I'm not sure about resources for this tune. Just be careful that you still pay close attention to the written music in front of you and that your grace notes, doublings, etc. are clear. Furthermore, chances are that you may be playing a different arrangement of the tune than what you hear on whatever recording you end up using as a guide, so be aware of subtle differences.

Gah. Sorry about that lecture--you can tell I'm a teacher, can't you? =p In any case, congratulations on starting your first tune. Trust me, it gets more interesting from here. =)
I agree that I probably am playing a diferent arrangement. I found some Blue Bells of Scottland, and what they were playing was NOT what I was playing!