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Good idea, not so Good idea

Good idea:
Not so good idea.
Practicing on your bagpipes when you have a sinus infection. I'm not sure if it's a bagpiping urban legend, or if it's actually true, but supposedly if you play GHBP for too long when you're having issues with your sinuses or an ear infection, you can blow out your own eardrums.
All I know, is one round of Crags of Tumbledown Mountain, and I have just about the worst headache I've ever gotten from a set of bagpipes. And this was on my softest, most forgivingest reed. Fortunately, I didn't blow out my eardrums.
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I'm with you, I'm fighting off the flu myself. I must be a wimp, but I never pick up my pipes if I feel sick. Besides making practice difficult, I have a theory that I'm putting my germs on the blowstick and in the bag, and I don't want them to come back and get me again once I'm better. Put down those pipes, and feel better!
Sorry to hear you're sick. I've never heard of anyone blowing out their eardrums like that, but then, I've only been piping for about seven years. I'd be inclined to agree with freklfacedjrae, though; it's probably best if you put your pipes away for a bit until you're feeling better.

PS: Get well soon. =)
Epp. Bad idea. I'm not really good with piping when I'm ill. For the most part if I have a lesson my teacher just goes "it'll help if you play", but it really doesn't. Stay off em for a while!