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P.M. Rant

Okay, I'm turning into a piping snob... but that's not what this is about.

So, I was watching another pipe band put on a short concert. In amongst band, was a woman who, well... The entire concert, she stared out at the audience! Okay, this doesn't sound like a horrible thing. Except, everyone else had their eyes rivited to the Pipe Major. What's worse, is the odd motions the pipe major tried to make throughout the performance trying to get her to watch him. And what was even worse, was that whenever she made a mistake (which was often enough to be slightly embarassing.) we could tell it was her! Yes, there were a few errors that were probably not hers, but we could never pinpoint who else was screwing up, because everyone else was doing what they were supposed to, and thus able to hide in the band!

From the point of view of an average audience member, when you aren't watching your pipe major, you look and sound really unprofessional.

From the point of view of the of me as the pipe major, boy are you one arrogant S.O.B., and would you like to lead this band? 'cause I got shang-haied into this job in the first place, and obviously you think you could do better.

GRRRR!!! So, on behalf of the pipe major of this particular band, to the rest of you, when in concert, watch your Pipe Major!

Thus endeth my rant.
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